Acquisition Financing

Prudential Capital Group provides financing to enable an acquisition and recapitalization

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, Creel Printing, LLC (“Creel” or the “Company”) provides digital, offset and hybrid (combination of digital and offset) commercial printing solutions, focusing on printed media for publications, catalogs and direct mail. Creel operates two divisions (i) offset printing, which operates under the Creel brand out of a facility in Las Vegas, NV, and (ii) digital printing, which operates under the Digital Lizard brand out of facilities in Las Vegas, NV and Hayden, ID, and recently acquired facilities in Mahwah, NJ and Pusignan, France.

Founded in 1953, Creel is a third generation family-owned business that is both owned and operated by the Creel family, including Allan Creel Jr., President and CEO, Allan Creel Sr., Chairman and former CEO and Debbie Creel, COO. Following an introduction from Scott Bulloch, CFO, the Company contacted Prudential Capital Group in the summer of 2015 regarding a prospective transaction to provide acquisition financing in support of the purchase of GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, a New Jersey based commercial digital printer.

Prudential Capital Group indicated its ability to structure and provide a flexible one-stop solution that included a senior revolving credit facility, senior term loan and senior subordinated notes to refinance Creel’s existing senior debt and support the acquisition of GlobalSoft.

Creel chose to partner with Prudential Capital Group based on its long-term, relationship-based approach, Prudential Capital’s prior experience partnering with family owner-operators to finance transformative acquisition events, follow-on capacity to support future growth, certainty of execution and ability to provide the entire debt capital structure. With terms agreed upon, this transaction closed in November 2015. The Company has integrated GlobalSoft into its Digital Lizard platform.