Day in the Life: Akash Patel

Being a New Jersey native meant Rutgers and Prudential Capital Group made sense for Akash Patel, a Senior Associate in the Newark office.

“Rutgers was a nearby, large university that ranked amongst the best undergraduate business schools in the country, so it was an easy choice for me to go there from an education and cost perspective. As I learned more about the various business majors at Rutgers, I realized that my analytical mindset fit well within the landscape of finance."

Akash continues, "Given the very strong relationship between Prudential and Rutgers, I was able to learn more about the various investment roles that Prudential offered, including those at Prudential Capital Group. I learned quickly that Prudential Capital had the type of culture and experience I was looking for, and decided to pursue any opportunity that offered itself.”

The culture fit was extremely important to Akash, particularly after an unexpected internship experience. “After a very negative experience during my junior year internship at a large bank, I decided I no longer wanted to pursue a career at a place with poor culture and dissatisfying work-life balance.”

Akash began his post-undergraduate career at Prudential Capital Group as an Analyst in the Newark office. Following his experience with the Analyst Program, Akash was promoted to Senior Associate.

“Prudential Capital encourages Analysts to take on leadership opportunities at an early stage. Given this, I was able to take advantage of various responsibilities that a Senior Associate would typically be responsible for. I think the Analyst program did a fantastic job solidifying my technical and analytical skillset, while developing the softer skills necessary for a Senior Associate to succeed.”

When it comes to the change in responsibility with his position, Akash describes his new job as “very challenging, exciting and rewarding." He continues, "As I progress in this role, I rely more on my soft skills and less on my technical/analytical background. The role is beginning to feel as though I am running my own mini business with the backing of a large, established organization, and that has been a fantastic part of my transition from Analyst to Senior Associate. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas and approaches to growing our business, and in doing so, I am consistently being challenged.”

Another thing that stood out to Akash and solidified his decision to stay at Prudential Capital is the culture. “I think Prudential Capital offers a strong work-life balance compared to other investment careers. There is flexibility in my schedule when I need it and my team understands that sometimes life may be more demanding than work (and vice versa).”

Coming full circle, Akash has enjoyed passing along the wisdom and culture that drew him to Prudential Capital to the Analyst classes after him. “I really like working with the Analysts. I think seeing them grow and succeed in their own ways has been the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.