Day in the Life: Carl Lotin

For Carl Lotin, the Analyst position in Prudential Capital Group’s San Francisco office provided both a change in scenery and a change in career path.

“After graduation, I had moved to Milwaukee for a job opportunity. Before that, I’d spent most of my life in Boston, and I knew I wanted something new.”

After some time in Milwaukee in an investment sales role, Carl decided to trade his winter boots for hiking boots and accepted an Analyst position in Prudential Capital Group’s San Francisco office.

“I chose Prudential Capital because of the people and the Investment Analyst program. I knew I wanted to go into a role where there was some structure and I had the opportunity to be involved in the investment decision-making process.”

Carl continued, “After hearing more about the Analyst role and speaking to members of the team, it was clear that Prudential Capital took a keen interest in the career development of its Analysts. The people I interviewed with truly cared about helping Analysts achieve their personal career goals even after they’ve left Prudential Capital Group.”

An example of that caring culture came about within the first month of Carl’s career at Prudential Capital.

“I was working on my first deal with very little knowledge of the ‘Prudential Capital way,’ and I had a short window of time to get up to speed. While I knew what I was doing in regards to analysis and due diligence, everything felt fast-paced. However, my manager did a great job of navigating me through the process. Though I was new to the job, they had enough confidence and trust in me to know that I could handle the pressure. Ultimately closing the transaction reaffirmed the feeling that I deserve to be here.”

In addition to that confirmation, Carl was pleasantly surprised by the team structure and employee culture at Prudential Capital Group.

“I tend to thrive in small-team environments, so it was definitely a positive that my team is small and my manager has an open-door policy. This allows for clear communication and room for a lot of visibility along with one-on-one mentoring. However, I was most surprised by how close we are as an office and how connected the Analyst class is. While we’re all eager to succeed in our roles, everyone is willing to help one another along the way.”

Aside from the culture, Carl appreciates the learning opportunities he receives in his role.

“My favorite part of the job is having the ability to learn about companies across various industries. While I may not be an expert on any one industry, I understand how many industries operate and the key drivers of success for any company within those industries.”




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