Career Path l Cornelia Cheng

"Before joining Prudential Capital Group, I worked for a range of financial institutions before and after MBA school. I was at a point in my career where I was looking for a firm with a strong ethical reputation that I could be proud to represent, where I would be challenged, and where I could make meaningful contributions. I also wanted to work with smart people who are equally invested in my development.

I have now been a part of the Prudential Capital Group family for more than ten years, and while this length of tenure is unusual in the industry, it is common within Prudential Capital Group. I am as excited today as I was when I started. I can also see the direct impact on my clients across a range of industries, from large public companies to private businesses where the founder is still involved.

As my career progresses, Prudential Capital continues to offer new challenges. Whether it is developing new talent, increasing investment responsibilities or just learning to be a better investor, my days are never the same and always interesting."


We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.