Credit Tenant Lease

For more than ten years, the Lease Finance Group has been providing customized, long-term, fixed-rate lease financing alternatives at competitive rates for tenants and owners around the globe.  Our portfolio companies use funds for sale/leaseback opportunities, capital leases, and construction-to-permanent financing for corporate and government credit tenants.

Structural Characteristics

  • Investment grade long-term, fixed-rate debt
  • Sale/leaseback of corporate headquarters, office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers or retail stores
  • Construction-to-permanent financing options
  • Maturities of up to 20+ years with custom amortization schedules
  • Below investment grade on a case-by-case basis

Typical Size

  • $25 million - $100+ million

Typical Uses

  • Financing for operationally essential assets such as headquarters / office buildings, manufacturing plants and distribution centers
  • Construction-t0-permanent financing for corporate or government credit tenants
  • Capability to fund in local currency

Issuer Benefits

  • Ability to provide capital and structure complex transactions for corporate and government credit tenants
  • One-stop-shop capability for construction-to-permanent financing
  • No requirement for rating agency rating
  • Quick and efficient execution

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