Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Debt Financing for Operationally Essential Real Estate

Prudential Capital Group is an experienced leveraged transaction investor totaling nearly $3.2 billion in lease-backed financings since 2003. For more than 50 years, our Lease Financing team has been structuring transactions that are advantageous to each client’s financial and business objectives. It’s an expertise that makes us a trusted partner to thousands of clients worldwide.


Improve Return on Assets, Leverage Metrics while Optimizing Use of Capital

Credit Tenant Lease is off-balance sheet financing, typically in a range from $15 million to $100 million, that delivers a number of key advantages, including tax benefits and maintaining long-term control of the asset for the lessee. In addition, the size and depth of the private market, the ability to tailor transactions, limited disclosure and no requirement for ratings agency involvement all make it an attractive alternative to the public markets, particularly for placements of less than $500 million. Our execution is quick and efficient with all-in costs well below public issuance.


Structural Characteristics

  • Sale / Leaseback or build-to-suit of corporate headquarters, office buildings, warehouses, distribution centers or retail stores

  • Bond or credit leases

  • Flexible payment structure

  • Medium- to long-term maturity, from five to 25+ years