Day in the Life: Investment Analyst

Investment Analysts at Prudential Capital Group are critical members of all our deal teams. The work that they do on a daily basis supports Prudential Capital's ability to: help build the case to do a new deal, financial modeling to price a loan, and maintain the loan in the portfolio once the deal is closed.

A typical 'day in the life' of an Investment Analyst includes:

  • Normally, the day begins by reviewing current financial and world news through the Wall Street Journal and various Internet sites. Analysts may also review news headlines for portfolio and prospective companies.
  • In addition, continuously monitor the activity in the stock and bond markets. Some of Prudential Capital's portfolio companies have credit facilities in place that permit them to arrange long-term funding on a continuous basis and reading the current market conditions is very important to securing transactions with companies.
  • Also, review a portfolio company's financial statements, particularly assessing its business performance and any ongoing credit risks that affect the company. Proprietary models and written evaluations are completed on a quarterly and/or annual basis for portfolio management.
  • Evaluate a new deal. An analyst will construct various analytical models and conduct industry research to assist the deal team in reviewing the potential investment. This requires the analyst to analyze historical financial statements, management projections and industry reports.

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