Corporate Financing Teams

Experienced Private Placement Insight Gained from Long-Term Relationships

There is a reason that more than 60 percent of our financings in any given year involve repeat business with existing clients. 75 years of providing capital solutions to the middle market has cemented our relationships and proven our capabilities with more than a 1,000 companies from every region of the country and around the world.

Our unique regional office structure and the quality and experience level of our teams provide deep insight into your local market conditions, your company and the precise kinds of financing you need to achieve your objectives. Working with Prudential Capital Group means you’ll develop a long-term relationship with the financing professional who walks in your door day one, providing a continuity of relationship that other institutions rarely match, often lasting five, 10 or even 15 years.

Broad Industry Expertise, SPECIALIZED Teams IN Oil & Gas, Power, lease and Commercial asset Finance

Our tenured investment professionals and thousands of financings with companies across all industries and continents have produced teams with a keen understanding of private financial structures. Our client list is a who’s who of business – from a world leader in water heating equipment to a manufacturer of hair care products, from an innovative bicycle company to one of America’s oldest grocery store chains. It’s a depth and breadth of experience that makes us a valuable partner to companies around the globe.

Over the many decades of providing private capital, we have established expertise in areas such as oil & gas, power, international financing, lease finance, commercial asset finance and mezzanine. These specialized groups understand the nuances of each of these niche segments.

Your financing professional understands your business, your industry and, most likely, your business objectives, even before you meet. The result is a consistency of service and a level of trust that provides “a peaceful night’s sleep” for clients.