Leveraged Buyout

Prudential Capital provides financing which enabled the acquisition of company

Headquartered in Jeannette, PA, Huntington Foam is an independent producer of custom shape molded and fabricated foam made from Expanded Polystyrene, Expanded Polypropylene and other resins. The company’s products are used in consumer goods protective packaging, automotive, plumbing supply, consumer products and other end markets.

Prudential Capital Group had been in ongoing discussions with Huntington Foam regarding the company’s desire for a new financial partner to support the next phase of their growth. In early 2016, Prudential Capital approached Huntington Foam with a comprehensive financing proposal that also introduced a limited number of potential equity partners, including Millstein & Co.

Prudential Capital was able to provide the debt financing in its entirety, along with an equity co-investment supporting Millstein & Co.’s acquisition of Huntington Foam. Management and Millstein & Co. chose to partner with Prudential Capital Group based on its prior experience executing similarly complex transactions, ability to provide multiple forms of capital and capacity to support the long-term growth of the company.