I enjoy playing a part in all aspects of the transaction; from sourcing to underwriting to ongoing management, as it requires a broad skill set and always creates opportunities for learning.

John Keenan
Senior Associate, Dallas

Day in the Life: John Keenan

Not long after starting his undergraduate career, John Keenan was deployed to Iraq.

“Higher education was something that would always be available, but at that point in time, our nation called and I raised my hand,” John said.

Following an intensive process, John joined the Army Special Forces (Green Berets), participating in counter-terrorism operations, the training of foreign militaries, providing humanitarian aid and other missions throughout the Middle East.

“As a Green Beret in the Army, I often faced challenges that had a wide range of possible outcomes, and the relevant solutions were drawn from a combination of lessons learned and an analysis of our current situation. We had to understand how to structure a creative solution that yielded attractive results.”

John found that thought process to be highly transferable to his current role as a Senior Associate within Prudential Capital’s Energy Finance Group, specializing in Power.

John continued, “When we look at new deals at Prudential Capital, we certainly rely on precedent transactions, however, the solutions are unique to the deal. It has been valuable for me to be able to learn from history, yet also craft distinct solutions.”

Prior to joining Prudential Capital, John completed his undergraduate degree at Indiana University and attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business for his MBA. Post-graduate school, John accepted a position with an investment bank.

“My first position out of graduate school was with a company that gave me a generalist opportunity. The transition from the military to civilian life takes time. Since I didn’t have the traditional Analyst background, this role allowed me to figure out what I want to do, what I did not want to do, and build the skill set to arrive at a position that is both personally and professionally fulfilling.”

In his previous role, John realized his desire to specialize in a certain industry, versus being a generalist. “I find it rewarding to dive deep into an industry vertical and develop the knowledge that comes with being a specialist. The power generation mix in our country is changing, so being a part of that evolution is exciting.”

In addition to the opportunity to specialize in power, John enjoys the structure of the deal teams at Prudential Capital. “I enjoy playing a part in all aspects of the transaction, from sourcing to underwriting to ongoing management, as it requires a broad skill set and always creates learning opportunities.”

John continues, “Prudential Capital Group is the best of both worlds. It feels like a small firm, where we touch all aspects of the transaction and have unfettered access to management, but we always have committed capital from a large institution. We have a permanence in private capital markets and we don’t adjust our investment thesis based on passing trends. We didn’t change that mindset during the global financial crisis, we’re not changing it now, and we’re not going to change it the next time there’s a crisis. I value knowing that we’ll be there for our clients through the ups and downs.”

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