Day in the Life: Kamau Hixon

Kamau worked in investment banking at both bulge bracket and boutique, restructuring focused firms prior to business school at Columbia University.  But as he approached the end of his MBA program, he had two areas of interest he would pursue in his next position:

“I wanted to move to an investing role, and I wanted to remain focused on credit,” he said. “I was open to different types of investing opportunities, but wanted something that offered true responsibility from the outset, was broad in investment scope, and had a capital deployment pace that would allow me to do a number of varied deals in a year. These parameters, coupled with the fundraising environment, led me to mezzanine investing firms like Prudential Capital Partners, the mezzanine fund for Prudential Capital Group.”

“Prudential Capital Group checked all of the right boxes – and a lot more that I had yet to identify! Prudential Capital provided the flexibility to: one, invest up and down both the capital structure and credit spectrum; two, invest across industry verticals, where I could be exposed to number of different businesses and business models [feeding my intellectual curiosity]; and, three, embrace both my analytical and interpersonal skills, where I could evaluate business fundamentals, as well as build relationships with corporate decision makers.”

Kamau has enjoyed Prudential Capital Group’s strong culture, highlighting the opportunities he has had to build true relationships within his office and collaborate with colleagues from other offices.

“A real strength of Prudential Capital Group is its institutional memory. When we’re doing a deal in a particular industry or with particular deal parameters, we reach out to offices and deal teams who may have worked on similar transactions. We rely on the work of our peers to gain insights into any potential issues we should watch for while underwriting deals, and the best methods to structure our investment to be protected in a downside scenario.”

Coming from the investment banking world, Kamau has been struck by “how much people care about your development and how nice everyone is.”

“After a few tours of duty in investment banking and on a trading floor, this element of our culture is not lost on me, whatsoever!”

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.