Day in the Life: Lauren Saperstein

Hailing from New Jersey, the decision to move to New York came easy for Lauren Saperstein.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to live in NYC because you can never run out of things to do here. It is also such a big finance hub, and there are a lot of great employment opportunities.”

Lauren majored in Finance at Lehigh University and considered employment opportunities in investment banking and management consulting before selecting the Investment Analyst position at Prudential Capital Group.

“I ultimately chose Prudential Capital Group because I knew I wanted to work in a credit role as it combined both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of finance I enjoyed during my undergraduate studies. I liked the idea of forming an investment thesis based on both financial metrics as well as industry characteristics, company history, management, etc.”

Lauren’s first year at Prudential Capital Group has given her that experience and then some.

“The Analyst is the backbone of the deal team, and when you’re going into a meeting, you’re definitely expected to know your stuff, but you’re also trained so that you have the skills to succeed.” She goes on to explain, “There are many different levels of mentorship here, ranging from the Analyst Training program that teaches key aspects of the job to advice from the people in my office where we have an open-door policy.”

In addition to formal training and enrichment opportunities, Lauren gained important insights by simply being an integral part of the deal process.

“The most rewarding aspect of the job for me is when a deal closes, the realization that it was successful due to all the work you and your team put in.”

Recalling one of the first deals she worked on, Lauren shares, “Less than a month on the job, I worked on my first mezzanine transaction. I barely knew Prudential Capital Group’s investment strategy, but I was thrown right into the deal and pushed myself to identify problems and solve them. However, I also received a lot of support from my Senior Associate and Team Leader. I learned more in those two weeks than I imagined I would over an entire year.”

That level of responsibility has also been complemented with support from Prudential Capital’s Analyst network.

“When I accepted my offer for this position, I don’t think I fully appreciated the strength of the Analyst network. Almost every deal you look at has some unique aspect, but chances are there’s an Analyst in one of our 15 offices who has looked at a similar deal and are happy to share what they learned with you. The program really promotes that knowledge sharing through the Analyst Training and Conference. I was also surprised at how many close friendships you make in your office as well as through the Analyst program, in general.”

For Lauren, the professional network at Prudential Capital and the exposure to different types of investments has exceeded her expectations of the Analyst role.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.