Energy Finance Group: Oil & Gas Financing


Providing Capital for Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Energy Services, Infrastructure and Utilities

Our Oil & Gas expertise and longstanding industry relationships enable us to be a preferred capital provider for companies and management teams, with a $7.2 billion Oil & Gas investment portfolio as of 12/31/18. We offer a variety of financing options, along with the ability to fund entire transactions and serve as a single-source lender, delivering a quicker closing, post-closing continuity and a certainty of execution.

Capital That spans the energy value chain to FIT Your Needs

We provide capital to companies and management teams across the energy value chain, including oil and gas exploration and production, midstream, energy services, energy infrastructure projects and utilities.

Issuer Benefits

  • Single-source financing relationship, which allows for post-closing continuity
  • Can receive both debt and equity capital in the same transaction
  • Broad investment interest allows participation in project, joint venture and structured financings
  • Can receive financing on either an asset- or cash-flow basis
  • Long-term investment horizons



Structural Characteristics

  • Investment grade and below investment grade debt; typically, fixed-rate, long-term senior notes and floating-rate financings
  • Secured or unsecured financing ability
  • Tenor beyond traditional bank market capacity
  • Junior capital: second lien, mezzanine and non-control equity investment capacity
  • Energy infrastructure, project finance, joint venture, financing and equity participation capabilities

Typical Size

  • Senior Debt: $10 - $400 million
  • Mezzanine Debt: $10 – $50 million
  • Equity: $10 - $50 million

Scale and Commitment

  • A team of 12 experienced investment professionals
  • Average tenure of investment staff is 15 years
  • $7.2 billion investment portfolio as of 12/31/18
  • Committed capital through all market cycles
  • Debt and equity appetite in excess of $1 billion, annually



Example Investments


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Contact Us

Brittany Braden
Vice President
Phone: (214) 720-6277
email: click here to contact
Territory: Calgary (N-Z), Oklahoma, Southeastern U.S., Canada (Eastern), Australia

Chris Halloran
Vice President
Phone: (214) 720-6235
email: click here to contact
Territory: Gulf Coast, Houston, LatAm, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Midwestern U.S., Texas (Central)

Callie Hamilton
Vice President
Phone: (214) 720-6232
email: click here to contact
Territory: Canada (Western), Calgary (A-M), Texas (Eastern), Texas (Western)

Brian Lemons
Senior Vice President
Phone: (214) 720-6276
email: click here to contact
Territory: Alaska, Arkansas, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Denver, Northeastern U.S., Water Utlities, Western U.S., Europe

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