Our Competitive Advantage: Relationships, Capital, Consistency

Ask any of our long-standing portfolio companies what they value in their relationship with Prudential Capital Group and they are likely to list three critical components: our locally-based, highly-experienced professionals, our private placement clout and our ability to get financing in place quickly and efficiently.

Investing in Relationships, One Relationship at a Time

Prudential Capital Group’s unique, decentralized regional office network and the high degree of investment experience among our professionals deliver powerful assets to management teams. Our teams gain key insights into local, regional and industry cycles, while also having the ability to spend more time understanding each company's business and financial objectives. Our autonomous structure puts investment decision-making and pricing authority in the hands of experts closest to the action, encouraging responsive terms.

This local focus also fosters strong working partnerships with Prudential Capital Group team leaders and senior management. Our professionals average from five to 30 years of investment experience across a wide variety of industries and financing needs. The first Prudential Capital Group professional you meet is likely to be your primary contact for five, 10 or even 15 years. We deliver a consistency both in personnel and performance that sets us apart.

A Power in Private Placements

Prudential Capital Group manages a portfolio of nearly $87 billion as of March 31, 2019, making us one the world’s largest managers of private capital. Our private placement clout enables us to fund entire transactions as a “one-stop” source for even the most complex investments. In addition, we have the capacity for multiple financings with an issuer, making us a preferred long-term partner for successful and growing businesses.

Delivering COMPANIES the Capital They Need

We have the experience. We have the capital. We understand the urgency. Our portfolio companies benefit from our single due diligence, preservation of confidentiality, streamlined negotiations, enhanced probability of closing and our quick turnaround.