Day in the Life: Prachi Master

Prachi Master knew exactly what she was looking for when she began interviewing, while finishing her degree in finance at Rutgers University.

“I was looking for an analyst position at an asset management company. I also wanted a company that offered the opportunity to move to different roles within the company. Lastly, I wanted a company that provided a good work/life balance.”

Prachi had interned at Prudential and enjoyed the experience, along with the career path opportunities the three-year Investment Analyst program that Prudential Capital Group provides.

“I loved the company culture,” she said, “so I knew I wanted to come back. I had heard good things about Prudential Capital’s Investment Analyst program, and I was interested to learn about the private market.”

“My daily work involves allocating deals into portfolios by taking into consideration the various covenants and the risks and exposures of the securities.  I also have the opportunity to work with many of our clients.”

As a relatively new employee, Prachi cites “collaborating with my coworkers and learning from them” as the most rewarding aspect of her job.

“Everyone, from fellow Investment Analysts to Managing Directors, is friendly, open and easy to approach. People are willing to sit down and explain things I may not fully understand as a new employee. They’re very patient and often set aside their own work to help. They make sure I understand not only how to do something, but why it is being done. For those in their first year like me, working through a model or analysis on my own is strongly encouraged, so you can learn; and the possibility of making mistakes is not frowned upon.”

Prachi is planning on taking the CFA exams to expand her post-Analyst program opportunities. She says the annual Analyst conference that brings together Investment Analysts and executives from all Prudential Capital Group offices around the world, along with alumni guest speakers, presents “a big networking opportunity.”

“The three-year Investment Analyst program at Prudential Capital Group prepares you for anything you want to do in finance afterwards.”

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.