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Prudential Capital’s Josh Shipley, Ed Jolly, Mitch Reed and Ashley Dexter explain ‘long-term financing’ and how many companies utilize this patient and strategic form of funding.

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Prudential Capital’s Mark Hoffmeister, Matthew Harvey, Steve Szejner and Julie Langdon illustrate how Prudential Capital acts as a mezzanine financing provider.

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Prudential Capital’s Mark Hoffmeister, Dianna Carr, Matthew Harvey, Steve Szejner and Julie Langdon define ‘mezzanine financing’ and share how issuing mezzanine can transform businesses.

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The fundamental characteristics of mezzanine financing can benefit companies in a variety of ways. Discover how.

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Prudential Capital's Dianna Carr, Brian Thomas and Michael Campion define “private placement,” and share how issuing private placements can benefit businesses.

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Prudential Capital's Brian Thomas, Dianna Carr and Michael Campion describe how the private placement market responds to businesses during times of capital market volatility.

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Anna Sabiston, Vice President, defines minority recapitalization and how it can help company shareholders achieve liquidity without having to sell the business. 

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Donald Hendler, CEO of Leviton, on company share repurchase.

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Sheree Ladove Funsch, CEO of LaDove, Inc., on recapitalizing the balance sheet to regain control of the company

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