I like the variety of deals, industries and transactions. It’s exciting to explore the different skills required for different types of transactions.

Shannon Howell
Senior Investment Analyst, Chicago

Day in the Life: Shannon Howell

Shannon Howell puts a premium on variety. She is always trying something new, which is how she came to be a licensed pilot at age 20.

The Chicago-area native attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she worked her way through three majors before settling on finance. During her senior year, she interviewed with consulting firms, a beer manufacturer, a major airline and a number of financial services firms. Ultimately, she accepted an offer from Prudential Capital Group for an investment analyst position – in the Los Angeles office. Why?

“I like the variety of deals, industries and transactions,” Shannon said. “It’s exciting to explore the different skills required for different types of transactions: understanding legal issues, writing reports, modeling scenarios, reviewing financials – all of it involves collaborating closely with my team. Plus, the move to L.A. meant I got try some place new and exciting.”

She credits colleagues on her deal team and throughout the organization with helping her understand her role and where she can contribute.

“People are so willing to help and are incredibly supportive. I couldn’t have anticipated how great everyone would be. I also love the analyst conferences and getting to bond with other analysts while continuing to meet senior people within the company.”

Her most interesting deal to date was a mezzanine financing.

“it involved a lot of creativity to understand the risks and structure protection. I had no idea of the variety of ways this type of transaction could be structured.”

She says she values “the tremendous opportunities to continue to learn,” and the “fantastic” work/life balance that allowed her to explore L.A. However, a year and a half after starting her analyst role in L.A., Shannon decided to pursue an opening in the Chicago office.

“I’m from Chicago originally, and it aligned with my long-term goals of where I wanted to end up,” Shannon said. She appreciated Prudential Capital Group’s flexibility during her transition.  “It was great for them to be so accommodating,” Shannon explained. She has especially appreciated "the opportunity to work with a different portfolio, different industries and new people.”

“The job has exceeded my expectations,” Shannon said. “It has presented me with a ton of options for the next stage of my career. Right now, I’m trying to see what excites me most.”  




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