Loan Syndication and Placement Group

Our Syndication and Placement Group has the expertise, institutional contacts, and proven track record to raise additional debt capital for transactions too large for us to finance on our own. Whether for growthacquisitions, recapitalizations, or buyouts, we can provide a large anchor commitment and structure the entire financing need with institutional partners. In addition, various forms of capital can be provided such as investment grade, below investment grade, secured, unsecured, fixed or floating.

Structural Characteristics

  •  Investment grade: long-term fixed-rate debt
  • Below investment grade: long-term fixed-rate debt or shorter term floating-rate debt
  • Maturities of 5 to 20+ years with custom amortization schedules

Typical Size

  • $100 million - $500 million transactions can be structured
  • Anchor commitments of $75 million -$200 million

Typical Uses

  • Acquisitions / LBO’s
  • Management buyouts
  • Stock buyback
  • Recapitalization
  • Growth / Expansion capital
  • Discreet asset financing

Issuer Benefits

  • Large anchor commitment de-risks execution
  • Access to institutional contacts – small relationship-focused investor group
  • Avoid expense and time of larger auction process
  • One-stop-shop capability (senior debt + subordinated debt combination)
  • No agency rating requirement
  • Quick and efficient execution
  • Competitive market yields
  • Proven track record

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Syndication and Placement Group
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