Day in the Life: Tom Molzahn

When asked to sum up what Tom finds most rewarding about working at Prudential Capital, he said, “Here, it’s about working with people, rather than next to people. That applies to my team members, other colleagues and our clients. It’s a ‘we’re-all-in-this-together’ environment, as we work hard doing challenging work.”

“You just need to ride the waves,” is how Tom describes managing the work flow in his role as a Director in Prudential Capital Group’s Chicago corporate finance office. Tom is no stranger to waves or working hard to achieve his goals. He was a collegiate swimmer when he accepted an Investment Analyst position at Prudential Capital, after earning his bachelor’s degree, where he first experienced that his work and his contributions really mattered. Tom completed the Investment Analyst program and then returned to graduate school for his MBA.

After graduate school, Tom went to work for an investment company, but quickly realized that he missed the challenging work Prudential Capital offered and returned to the firm. Tom finds real variety in his position, noting, “In the span of one week I can be flipping burgers at a client location as part of their vendor work day experience, and then just a few days later standing in a steel foundry looking at huge vats of molten steel, while on a due diligence trip. We learn something new on every single deal – the intricacies of different industries, unique business cycles and how different businesses operate – it keeps things fun and exciting, but also forces me out of my comfort zone.” 

“At Prudential Capital Group, the long term matters,” said Tom. “It’s not about doing as many deals as quickly as possible, it’s about the value of forging relationships with management teams and getting to know them as people. This creates a deeper business partnership in the long run.”

“In the end, it comes down to the culture at Prudential Capital.” said Tom. “I have never been motivated by conversations with co-workers around ‘How late did you work last night?’ or ‘How many hours did you put in last week?’”, said Tom. “Prudential Capital is a place that values balance and growth, which allows for a life outside of work. Instead, my motivation on the job is about learning how to be part of a team, working hard and working smart.”

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and are committed to diversity in our workplace.